Your session is remembered. Switching devices does not end your session. You can navigate forward and backward through your searches and other activities as if you were always on the same device.


  • Remember session location, history
  • Log off: Closes Session
  • Log on: Join a Session
  • Navigation on one device causes another device to navigate (optional)


  • Keep your train of thought. When switching from PC to Handheld, flow seamlessly. No repeated actions necessary.
  • Avoid searching for the same thing on multiple devices. Search once
  • Avoid clutter. It's easier to maintain an organized workspace if you can close your search or other activity in a single session. If you only have one house, you'll keep it cleaner. If you have multiple houses, you might let one get messy

Examples of use

You are editing a document on the computer. You have to walk to work. You close your computer, and open your phone. The document is there. You begin editing the document on your walk. You get to work. Open your work computer, and the document is there.

Imagine you've just used voice navigation in your car to search for restaurants, and that your car displays you a list of ten nearby restaurants. You then tell your car to open up a description of the second restaurant on the list. It starts reading it to you, but while it's reading, you reach a parking garage, park your car, and get out. You then open up your phone. The session is remembered, so you see a text description of what the car just read to you. You then hit the back button, and it returns to the search. You don't have to type the same search in multiple times.

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Session Ended Message
Options When 2 Session Starts
Import Session
Import Task
Import Activity
Terminate Session


Open Dialog Windows
Activities to exclude (home / session browser / etc)
Alerts On Moved Side
Shared Session
Logging Out - Does it close all sessions / applications?