Vaandroid Developer Guide

This section discusses the development of and on Vaandroid for developers.

Vaandroid Architecture


Information on rebuilding the system after version changes.

Project Anatomy

This section describes the makeup of a Vaandroid application.

Android Manifest Extensions

Vaandroid's extensions to Android's manifest file.

Gradle Plugin Details

Information on the Vaandroid Gradle Plugin.


A basic Android reference


Registering Services

Vaandroid uses a system of publishing interfaces as services. If you follow simple conventions, the runtime will publish the interfaces automatically. You can also manually publish a service if you need a more fine-grained control.

Android Activity Flags

All about Android activity flags.

Run At

The distributed client-server nature of Vaandroid allows customization on where code gets executed. This option enhances performance, bandwidth, power consumption, and security.


This page contains an implementation report of Android attributes.


Information on Vaandroid development resources.

Vaandroid Federation

The Vaandroid Federation clusters instances of Vaandroid Servers. This can be to increase availability or distribute workload.

Browsers And Applications

The standard Android application model is a single application with tasks and activities. That model changes when running on Vaandroid.


The section contains a variety of Vaandroid tutorials.



This page lists various pages that have not been filed.


Various ways to debug the Vaandroid runtime.