Grav SoftSite Plugin

This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

Tools for software-centric websites.

Function Descriptons

Displays a function signature and description in a variety of languages. Pulls documentation from source code.

interface API {
     * @param number The number to call
     * @return The number
    fun phoneHome(number: String): String

Twig Functions

depend($gradleDependency, $repository = null)

Returns markdown code dependency blocks for Gradle and Maven.

{{ depend("tv.twelvetone.rjson:rjson:1.0-SNAPSHOT") }}

You can also include a repository.

{{ depend("tv.twelvetone.rjson:rjson:1.0-SNAPSHOT", "") }}


Returns a hash list of taxonomy => pages.

{% for taxonomy, pages in collection | groupByTaxonomy() %}
{% endif %}


Returns a hash of taxonomy_value => pages for each value of the requested taxonomy.

{% for taxonomyValue, pages in collection | groupByTaxonomy('tag') %}
{% endif %}

isTaxo(taxonomy, value)

Returns true if the page taxonomy contains the value.

{% if isTaxo('devtype', 'release') %}
<div>This product has been released.</div>
{% endif %}



The software has been released.
The software is in beta state.
The software is not visible to the public.