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It is available to registered beta testers only.

Tools for real-time interaction between artists and enthusiasts.

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Interactive Artists

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Interactive Artists Features

Interactive Artists uses cutting edge technology to connect participants, places, and presenters.

The IA Map presents a map with an overlay of artists and places.

A variety of filters are available.

  • Genre and Style
  • Artist or Place
  • Artist Type
  • Name
  • Favorite
  • Active

You can select your desired pin type. Available pin types are Pin Only and Details. Each Details pin presents detailed text, icons, and links.

The map overlay shows realtime information about artist and place activities.

Every user, artist, and place has a Dashboard to display public facing information. Each dashboard displays self-positioning, user-configurable widgets.

For artists and places, the widgets displayed are dependent on the installed modules.

Every user, artist, and place can offer subscriptions. A Subscribe Widget offers 1-click subscribing.

There are currently 3 types of subscriptions.

A item marked as a Favorite is used for filtering, sorting, and sharing. The artist or place is not given any personal information.

The subscriber is notified of events generated on IA. The artist or place is not given any personal information.

The subscriber is notified of events generated by IA or direct communication from the artist. The artist or place is given personal information such Full Name and Email Address.

Settings related your account can be reached on the Accounts page.

You can view and edit the following items:

  • Favorites
  • Mailing Lists
  • Artists You Manage
  • Genre Preferences
  • Personal Information

A user that can configure an artist is called a Manager. The Account Settings view lists all of the artists that your account can manage.

see Request To Exhibit

This section describes setup, features, and configuration from the artist's perspective.

Your fans can find you on the realtime map or by a direct link to your dashboard. You dashboard displays widgets that you configure.

Artists appear on the map when they have a performance scheduled within a filtered time range. Your avatar will change when you are performing live with the following indicators:

  • Broadcasting Status
  • Current Song
  • Intermission Status
  • Local and Remote Fan Statistics

When a fan clicks on your avatar, your dashboard will open.

The map is searchable by status, genre, and other attributes.

Create a list of songs you perform.

Each song has status, rating, and links to charts. Songs can be used for requests and historical views, and statistics.

Create setlists from items in your song list.

Set lists can be used for historical reports and for navigating through charts at a performance.

List your performances by place and date-time.

Your performances are used for mailing lists, alerts, maps, and lists. You can reuses places from our 'places registry' to avoid having to re-enter details.

You can create a biography to display to your fans.

Several pages use our list editor. This section describes common functionality.

  • UI for adding artists to managers
  • Translate Artist Name, Dashboard Message, and Biography