Hello beta testers, here's what's new in QuickChords:

Version 2 has been released. https://www.quickchords.org


Content Filters

Filter content for searches and library. Choose between my, my groups, shared to me, public, and everyone

Key Picker

The sharp/flat preference automatically changes according to the key


Version 2

Version 2 is now the default version

View Mode

An icon that switches to view mode has been added to the toolbar.

Library Groups

You can now group by various fields in the document library


Version 2

We have published version 2 of our creator application.

Rendering Improvements

Too many to list.


A new flavor, chords+lyrics, has been introducted. This flavor handles lyrics with chord changes above them.

Ultimate Guitar Chords+Lyrics Import



Fixed a nasty enharmonic bug.

Figured Bass

Chords are no longer shifted left when using inline figured bass with chord diagrams.



Added a footer to each page with our website URL.

Chord Diagrams

Added instrument icons.

Added Violin chord diagram

Remove redundant "Chord Diagram" suffix

Added more logic to calculate undefined chords.


Help bubbles now show up the first time you use certain features. Click on them to hide.

Selected Measure

The selected measure indicator (yellow rectangle) no longer draws over chord symbols.


A stub for preferences has been added. We still need to tie it into our backend however, so it's just for looks. Let us know if you would like to see a particular preference.

Preferences save and load, but still do nothing.

New preferences and editor widgets, including page margins.

Added Show Sample Documents preference

Page Breaks

Fixed some cases where page breaks were in final measure, before text or lyrics.


Chord Diagrams

Chord diagrams no longer overlap, and are drawn smaller to fit in a single beat.

Chord diagrams now export

Chord diagrams transpose

Chord diagrams appear in their own menu.

Eb chords now render, along with other b chords.

Figured Bass

Bass notes render on same line when chord diagrams are enabled. e.g. D/F#


Slashes shift up with the chord when chord diagrams are enabled.



We caught up to 2017 and fixed the year in the release notes :)

Chord Diagrams

  • Chord diagrams still do not export!
  • Chord diagrams no longer disappear after the chart refreshes.
  • The selected instrument is now listed under the title.
  • For Bass Diagrams, only the bass note is shown.
  • Muted string X's are now drawn in the gray color.
  • Chords are shifted upwards when diagrams are enabled.
  • Your chord diagram choice remains after you change songs.
  • Added 5 string Banjo


    Titles center better.


Chord Diagrams

They won't export yet, but will still give you a sweet taste. We plan on supporting Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Mandolin at first.

Find and Replace

Find and Replace was moved to Goodies, and now includes a match entire word option. Great for changing all G chords to G7, without renaming the word Gorilla in your lyrics.

Viewing Modes

Several new viewing modes have been added in addition to Fit Width and Fit Height

  • Fit Page
  • 2 Up
  • 3 Up
  • 4 Up
  • Horizontal Scrolling (This is the coolest thing since sliced bread.) Fit Page is now the default viewing mode.

    Music Keyboard

    The Music Keyboard was moved from Edit to Goodies.

    Abbreviate and Unabbreviate

    2 new goodies let you change all your chord symbol to long or short form.

    Remember last screen view

    The app will now remember your last view position and fit setting.

    Titlecase Book Table of Contents

    The book table of contents will now titlecase all titles and artist. There is a setting to disable this in the BookMaker.


    The bookmaker now enables PDF and disables ePub by default. Group-By-Artist and Sort-By-Title are now enabled by default.

Brief instructions have been added to the help file for creating a book.

Sample Charts

Sample charts have been added to the New Document menu. Let us know if you want to see any specific examples.

Deselect All

A Deselect All command was added to the Edit Menu to clear that pesky yellow highlight.

Centered Chords

Centered chords now really do center in bars with meters and fat barlines.


Feature Tracking

We will be allowing trial users to access use some features on a limited basis. This should not affect Beta-Testers, so let us know if you are restricted from anything.

Bug Reporting

Beta-Testers will now see a Report Bug item in the Goodies menu. Please use this to send bug or feature requests to us.

... Look Like Shit

Beta-Testers will now see a This chart looks like shit item in the Goodies menu. Please use this to send the chart you are viewing to us (if it really does look bad).

Contact Us

All users will now see a Contact Us item in the Goodies menu. Please use this to send us general messages.

Many Formatting Fixes

Lots of improvements and fixes, including longer needing padding commas to space out text blocks.


Official URL

We purchased the domain https://www.quickchords.org/.

You can simply go to quickchords.org and you will be redirect to the secure site.

Lyric page breaks

Lyric blocks that overflow off the page now create page breaks.

Imported lyrics song name

Lyrics now import with the title Song Name - Lyrics. This way the lyrics chart will not overwrite a chord chart with the same name.


Login dialog

New users are logged in as guest, with no login dialog. There is a login button in the menu. The login dialog only appears when you click the button, so if you want to get to your account, and you are not logged in, you will need to click the button.

Changes to default features

Charts now use ?autobreak and ?noslash by default. You do not need to include them. This should keep your charts lean and clean.

Dialog close button

The full screen dialog now has a close button on the top and bottom.