Documentation Types

Each development dimension needs it's own documentation, as each has it's own particular needs.

Developer (D-Doc)

Documentation for the team that implements the software.

User (U-Doc)

Documentation for the person who uses the software.

Specific Needs


An action is a menu item or button press. When activated, and action navigates or executes. The results may be dependent on the context, or by other fields.


A field is a value that the user configures. Fields may have validation.

Implementor (I-Doc)

Documentation for the person who installs, customizes, manages, and administers the software.

Purchaser (P-Doc)

Documentation for the person who determines if the software an appropriate solution for the given needs.

Acquirer (A-Doc)

Documentation for the company that acquires the software. This relates to the sale of the software source code itself, not the licensing of the of the application.