Vue Plugins

Plugins for the Vue Platform

Dot Path Mutations

DotPathMutations is a plugin for Vue that adds Vuex mutations and methods for modifying paths within a data store.


The Vue WindowPlugin adds $window and $document DOM objects to each Vue component. This is helpful when accessing the DOM from attribute templates, allowing you to call DOM methods without having to declare a method in your component.


v-scroll-indicator is a Vue component wraps content in a scrollable area that displays indicators when additional content is available outside the client view


The Schemax plugin for Vue facilitates data creation, validation, data binding, processing, serialization, and UI generation. This helps connect data to components, the Vuex state, and the server.


A Vue plugin that creates a container that can popout of it's parent, creating a modal, narrow-focused view that utilizes the full screen.


The SnackbarStack plugin for Vue/Vuetify provide a queue for displaying snackbar notifications.