Vaandroid Plugins

Plugins provide ''Androidish'' resources to Vaandroid.

This file must located in the root of the bundle. This file specifies the paths to the other resources, and Vaandroid permissions.

Pretty much the exact same file as used in Android applications.

Pretty much the exact same folder as used in Android applications.

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  • Android Jars (Plugins)
  • OSGi Plugins (Bundles)
  • Security
  • Plugin Scope
  • Activity Scope
  • Action Scope

Reinstall Policy

The reinstall policy allows a plugin to determine how it reacts when its image is updated on the server. The policy can be set on the entire plugin and also overriden for a specific activity.

Because of the nature of OSGi, references to the classes will have the same name but will be different ty...

Resource Plugins

Resource plugins provide resources to other plugins.

todo: implement resource plugins