Vaandroid Architecture

Activities vs Fragments

Differences between activities and fragments

{FANCYTABLE(head="Item|Activity|Fragment")} Can add items to the options menu | Yes | Yes Can prepare items to the options menu | Yes | Yes Can handle options items selection | Yes | Yes Can receive results from other activities | Yes | No {FANCYTABLE}

Android Architecture

Animation and Graphics


Media and Camera

Location and Sensors


Text and Input

Data Storage


Maven Archtypes

Vaandroid Core

Information on the Vaandroid Core API and Vaandroid Core

Vaandroid Plugins

Vaandroid Building


Compile the resources using the resource compiler. This will create an R class in the generated source folder. Make sure your POM includes the source folder.

Expose the plugin using the whiteboard pattern, as DS service or directly in the activator.

Configure the POM

  • Resources
  • DS...

Vaandroid Services

Services are bundles that provide required functionality to the runtime. Services are often required. Service configure systemwide settings specific to a host.

Vaandroid Architecture

This section describes the OSGi bundles that make up a Vaandroid application.


This class is necessary to register a new plugin. After the plugin is installed, it advertises that is a plugin, registers plugin as a new plugin.