This product has been released and is in active development.

Create, view, and share chord charts and lyric sheets.


You can launch the QuickChords Creator application here:

Free Chord Charts

We have posts thousands of free chord charts.


QuickChords is a web application for creating, analyzing, managing, sharing, and consuming chord charts and lyric sheets. It provides a shorthand method for entering musical form and harmonic structure, and renders the results in real-time.

Chord charts can be saved in the cloud, tagged, and then complied into PDF and ePub books. The exported documents may contain links back to the web application to edit.

Charts can be exported as PDF, ePub, or SVG documents. All text is searchable, selectable, and scaleable.

The QuickChords Markdown Language

Information on the QuickChords Markdown Language is available here.

QuickChords Creator

Create and view documents. Visit the User Guide for more information.

QuickChords Bookmaker

Bookmaker creates interactive PDF and ePub books from your QuickChords documents.

Embedded Documents

QuickChords documents can be embedded in any web page.

See QuickChords Embedding for details.