Vaandroid Bugs

This page lists various bugs in wiki database format.

{FANCYTABLE(head="Feature Progress Priority Release Assigned To" sortable="type:reset" tsortcolumns="type:text;group:letter type:digit;group:number type:word;group:word type:shortDate;group:date-year type:digit;group:number-10" tsfilteroptions="type:reset" db_name="bugs" db_category="vaandroid:unfiled")} Can't refresh remote karaf from remote repo 0 1 3 Steven Turn WikiDB bug into Bugzilla Bug 0 9 3 Steven
Vaandroid: Browser back arrow doesn't work like the application back 0 3
on logout redirect to a static page 0 2
use a static page when server is not running 0 2
better way to subscribe/publish changes 0.0 3
Launcher filtering 5
sessionbrowser: moving student dashboard to another window does not format correctly 3