This product is in active development and has been released under the MIT license.

Replaces media in your page's media bin.


  • Upload new media without having to delete the old media first.
  • The uploaded file will be renamed to match the original. Page links will not break.
  • Admin media thumbnail will refresh without reloading the page.


  • This plugin will add a new action to items in your media bin.
  • Selecting the action will open a file picker or upload dialog (depending on the plugin option quicksave.
  • The selected file will be uploaded and will replace your current page.
  • The original filename will be used, so current links will not break.


Rename File
Renames the uploaded file to match the source file.
Match Extension
Only replace media if the MIME type is the same
Require Image
Only accept the uploaded file if it is a valid image.


  • Any file type and size can be uploaded by default, so BEWARE.
  • When name does not change, there may be caching delays links to the original source.
  • No uploading progress indicator.