This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

JavaVue is provides a bridge between a Java application and Vue.

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JavaVue embeds a web browser running Vue components inside a Java application. It provides methods and framework for the Java runtime to interact with the Vue components.

This speeds up development of your frontend.

  • Use a web browser to develop, and not have to compile Java.
  • Make changes in realtime without having to recompile Java.
  • Host your Vue code outside of your Java application.
  • Use NPM and Node modules for UI and logic.

You also benefit by leveraging CSS and JavaScript.

Your efforts are also reusable on a web server, node, and any web browser.


JavaVue uses JavaFX to create an embedded web browser.

The Vue Instance


Calling Java from Vue


Calling Vue from Java


Creating A Dialog In IntelliJ



Most frameworks require all interaction with the user interface to be invoked on a dedicated thread. Because Swing and JavaFX each have their own UI thread, it is very important to make sure calls are invoked on the proper thread.

All calls received from Vue are on the JavaFX thread. To call back into Swing, you must put your code in:

To call into Vue from Swing, you must put your code in:

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