This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

Vaandroid uses a proprietary compiler to index and package plugin resources.

This module creates the Android R class and kotlinx classes. It is invoked by Maven during the validate goal of the build lifecycle, and by Gradle using the task generateVaandroidResources.

This tool creates a class containing indentifiers for:

  • Layouts
  • Drawables
  • Strings
  • Menus
  • View IDs

A variety of functions are defined for dynamic querying of resources.

  • vaandroid:type_arguments
  • vaandroid:group
  • vaandroid:folder

Android Studio projects require a resource file called R. This file contains identifiers for layouts, strings, plurals, etc.

The system bundle also contains an R file. Each plugin keeps a copy of the R file settings of the core plugin, and any other shared bundle, to keep them in sync in case an id changes.

Resources are placed in a res folder and are identical to Android. Vaandroid will pre-compile your resources to a class file in your declared package and create the R class.

  • res
  • layout
  • anim
  • drawable
  • color
  • menu
  • dimension
  • values
  • strings
  • plurals
  • string-arrays
  • formatting
  • replacement
  • style
  • ID
  • raw