Utility classes for the Android API


Bind is a class that manages activity views.

Main Features

  • Tracking Dirty State
  • Default Values
  • Integrated onchange Event Handling
  • Getting and Setting View Values
  • Getting and Setting View States
  • Binding To Database Fields
  • Binding To Java Beans
  • Binding To Preferences

In this example, views are bound by their ID, and associated to database fields.


Manage menu state based on events, permissions, and data.

Activity Helper

  • Event bus subscriptions and posting
  • Feedback and Message notifications
  • Error handling

Splash Screen


The Vaandroid Core does not contain all the methods of Android API. Furthermore, the Android classes have additional methods in Android. To reduce development IDE warnings when linking to the Android API in the IDE but compiling with the Vaandroid Core, the V class was introduced. It contains wrappers for the Vaandroid Core non Android API methods.

^Now that we use Kotlin, extension methods are a better route.^


Android Helper

Helper to create a text view


OSGi Helper


Database Helper