This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

IA facilitates communication between artists and places via a Request To Exhibit (or RTE). This process involves artists and places submitting, approving, negotiating, and scheduling requests to work together.

Once an RTE has been scheduled, followers of places and artists are notified. Througout the IA application, the exhibit will appear on applicable maps and widgets.

Artist Types

Each artist type displays exhibits in different ways. For example, for the Musician type exhibits are gigs or performances, but for the Culinary type, exhibits are tastings or serving.

Artist Type Exhibit Name
Musician Gig, Performance
Culinary Tasting, Serving
Visual Exhibit, Gallery


Initiating The Request (Pending Requests)

  • The artist or place initiates a Request To Exhibit to a recipient that support the artist type and has enabled accepting requests.
  • At any point, the requestor can cancel the request before the recevier has responded.

Once a request has been made, it is in Pending state until it is accepted or rejected by the requestee, or cancelled by the requestor.

When a Place initiates a request, terms can be included. For each term, the requestor can allow it to be negotiated (countered). This is useful for negotiating dates and other variable terms.

Responding To The Request

  • The receiving artist or place reviews the request and then accepts or rejects.

Inactive Requests (Cancelled or Rejected)

The request is considered Inactive if the requestor cancels the request, or the receiver rejects the request.

Accepted Requests

Once the receiver accepts the request, the status becomes Accepted, and the request must be negotiate terms before it becomes Active.


Any conditions, rules, commissions, policies, location, content requirements, restrictions, load-in and load-out, and time constraints must be agreed upon before the request is Active

If the place accepts the request:

  • The place responds with conditions and logistics (referred to as terms)
  • The artist and place negotiate until the terms are agreed upon.

Active Requests

Once the terms are agreed upon, the exhibit is created, scheduled, marked as Active. Followers are notified, and the exhibit will appear in searches, on the map, and on dashboards.


todo: define and implement RTE options

Counter Offers

The initiator of the RTE can enable counter offers, allowing specified terms to be negotiated. Every time an offer is countered, fields can be enabled to allow counter offers.
When no more fields are enabled for counters, the offer must be accepted or declined, without countering.


Several views support the RTE feature. ~todo implement and list views