QuickChords Player

This product has been released and is in active development.

Creates MIDI tracks for QuickChords charts.

  • Tempo
  • Volume

Import a public QuickChords document.

The chord progression that will be played. You can edit the progression.

Enable instrument roles, set instruments, and set accompaniment pattern.

Turn a role on or off.

Select the instrument for a role.

Select the pattern for a role.

Enable accents for a role. Usually only 1 roles needs to provide the accent.

The speed of the playback in beats-per-minute (BPM)

The style of music. This will change other settings.

Set the upbeat feel. Straight, triplet, shuffle, and swing.

The frequency of anticipations.

The frequency of drum fills.

Settings for form and repeats.

Play and stop the chart.

View the sheet music generated by the application.

Export the chart in MIDI, WAV, MP3, or MusicXML format.

  • You must restart the player for any changes to take effect.
  • Cannot set volume of instruments.
  • Limited instrument selection.
  • No duration and form overview