Grav DDD Plugin

This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

A plugin for Document Driven Design (DDD).


Document Driven Design takes the concept of Test Driven Design, and adds these mindsets:

  • Documentation should be written before tests.
  • Documentation should be separated from source code.
  • Documentation should be targeted for specific users.
    • Developers
    • Implementors
    • End Managers
    • End Users
    • Purchasers
  • Round Trip Documentation
  • Integrate Usage, Bugs, Features, Tasks, and Roadmaps


To add DDD into markdown

  • Start a line with a tilde
  • Followed by the DDD entry type
  • Followed by DDD entry fields
  • Ending with a tilde.
 ~entry_type entry_fields content~

Each DDD entry type has different field requirements.

Sample Markdown Output

 ~task This is a task~
 ~todo This is a todo~
 ~feature This is a feature~
 ~bug priority:5 This is a bug~
 ~roadmap release:next This is a roadmap item ~
task: This is a task
todo: This is a todo
feature: This is a feature
bug: This is a bug
roadmap: This is a roadmap item