Vaandroid User Guide

Text Searching

There are several built in searching types provided by the system.

||Prefix|Starts with query. Case insensitive Contains|Contains query. Case insensitive. Intelli-Search|Contains letters in the specified order. Case insensitive. Intelli-Name|no space in search ‘last name first name’ in specified o...

Resume (Session Resume)


Your session is remembered. Switching devices does not end your session. You can navigate forward and backward through your searches and other activities as if you were always on the same device.


  • Remember session location, history
  • Log off: Closes Session
  • Log on: Joi...

Task Overview - Activity Picker

The activity picker shows all running activities. Each activity started from the launcher will run in its own task.


Pressing the ''Favorite Icon'' in the status bar will bookmark the current activity as a favorite. The activity's icon will appear in the status bar. Pressing the the activity's icon will either switch to the activity, or launch a new instance if one not already running.

To Remove A Favorite