Vaandroid Technologies

Vaandroid relies upon various technologies. We also outsource many of our Vaandroid components by using open-source codebases. This page lists various technologies that are used in the Vaandroid runtime.

{FANCYTABLE(head="Technology|Type|Prerequisite" sortable="type:reset")} Java | Language | Javascript | Language | Groovy| Language Kotlin | Language | HTML 5 | Language | CSS 3 | Language | SQL | Language | JQL | Language |

Vaadin | Framework | Java / Javascript / CSS GWT | Framework | OSGi | Framework | Karaf | Framework | Android SDK | Framework | JPA | Framework and Language | [|jQuery] | Framework and Language |

Hudson / Jenkins | Continuous Integration | GIT | Source Control | IntelliJ | Application | Maven | Dependency Mangament / Build System | Gradle| Dependency Mangament / Build System | Expect | Build System / Deployment Ant | Build System {FANCYTABLE}

Open Source Projects

Vaandroid leverages various open source projects. FullCalendar Calendar Hammer Gestures HammerTime Gestures Hibernate JPA / Persistance JQuery Framework and Language EHCache JPA Level 2 Caching Velocity Templating FreeMarker Templating tinyMCE Text Editor Code Mirror Source Code Editor qTip Tool Tips

We outsource many of our Vaandroid components by using open-source codebases.

Name Product File Picker elFinder Calendar Full Calendar HTML Editor tinyMCE Charts Charts.js Source Code Editor Code Mirror Gesture Support Hammer.js SVG Support Raphael react-trello-board Kanban Views JQTree jqtree

We also use many open source technologies in our development

Name Product TypeScript TypeScript AndroidStudio Node NPM IntelliJ Maven Gradle Groovy Template Engines Free Marker / Velocity Stylus CSS Preprocessor Sass CSS Preprocessor