This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

Custom filters can be created that interact directly with the database, other sources. The filters can apply custom application logic.

Creating QuickSQL filters

Using The Filesytem

Add one or more files in the configuration/sql folder with suffix .sql.xml or .sql.

Using OSGi Services

Register a SqlStatementProvider that returns SqlStatement items.

Additional Support

The sytem supplies abstract classes for registering additional file and resource based .sql.xml files.


SQL Format

  • The SQL statement must return a recordset with the relevant id as the first field.
  • SQL statements must contain a WHERE clause.
  • Fields must use native SQL fields, not JPA field names.
    select id from customers where lastName like '%manchu%';

    .sql Format

    The filename is used as the query name, and the contents are used a the SQL query.

sql.xml Format

The sql.xml file format allows specifying multiple filters in one file. A caption and description can be associated with each filter. See sql format for query rules

        <caption>The Manchus</caption>
        <description>All customers with Manchu in their last name.</description>
        <sql>select id from customers where lastName like '%manchu%';</sql>

Using QuickSQL filters

The recipients activity has a QuickSQL menu item. Selecting it will display a list of registered queries.

The QuickSQL is not a savable filter. Reapplying filters will remove any items added by QuickSQL.