Grav TikiWiki Plugin

This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

Use TikiWiki plugins, tables, and syntax in your Grav site.

This plugin allows using TikiWiki style syntax. See TikiWiki Syntax.

Code inside of markdown code-fences will not be processed.

TikiWiki allows for a very succinct style table using double pipes.

Steven | male
Jennifer | female
Melody | female

When rendered, it will look like this:

Steven male Jennifer female Melody female

Tiki allows ((Page-Title)) style links. The backend looks up the page using the page title. You can use the either route or title in the parenthesis.

Go ((My Page))
Go ((/my-page))

will create a link

<a href='/my-page'>My Page</a>

If a page is not found, the link will navigate to a Create New Page destination.

feature: Create New Page destination

If the page does not have a title, the route will be tested instead.

Tiki allows [] style links. The markdown trailing parenthesis (the URL part) is copied from the brace content (the text part). To qualify, the following conditions must be met:

  • The [...] is not preceded by the character \
  • The [...] is not followed by the character (
  • The content starts with a protocol (http:, https:, ftp: etc) and contains no spaces.

TikiWiki uses a plugin style that allows for calling a registered plugin with key-value parameters.

Here is the syntax

{PLUGIN_NAME(aParam="a value" anotherParam="another value")}
Here is the plugin data...

We currently support TABLE, FANCYTABLE, and CODE plugins, along with custom plugins registered by other Grav plugins.

Steven | male
Jen | female
Melody | female

Will render as:

{TABLE(head="Name|Gender")} Steven | male Jen | female Melody | female {TABLE}

{CODE(type="xml" caption="Here's the code")}
    <child age='12'>First</child>
    <child age='10'>Second</child>

const foo = "bar";
function doIt() {
    return 4*4;

Will render as:

{CODE(type="xml" caption="Here's the code")}

First Second


{CODE(type="javascript")} const foo = "bar"; function doIt() { return 4*4; } {CODE}

We use Grav's built-in Pimple container to create a plugin registry under the key tiki.

Here's a simple plugin definition.

    // get the registry
    $registry = $this->grav['tiki'];
    // register the tiki plugin
    $registry->register("RANDOM", function($map, $contents) {
        $min = get($map, "min", 0);
        $max = get($map, "max", 100);
        $r = rand($min, $max);
        return "The random number is $r, and your contents are <em>$contents.</em>";

The callback function has these properties:

$map A map of the configuration parameters. $contents The contents of the plugin code (between the {} markers). return A string with the raw markdown code to inject into the document.

You would use the Tiki plugin in your Grav page like this:

{RANDOM(min="10" max="20")}
Hello World

And the output would be:

{RANDOM(min="10" max="20")} Hello World {RANDOM}