Utility classes for Vaandroid development.

Activity Helper

A utility for activities and fragments to manage

  • subscriptions
  • UI Threading
  • Alerts
  • Messages

Processor Manager

A utility for activities and fragments to manage ((Data Managment|processors)).

Vaandroid Activity

A subclasss of Activity that incorporates ActivityHelper and ProcessorManager. It also facilitates option menu handling.

Processor Support

The activiy must call invalidateOptionsMenu() after any selection changes to update the processor menus.

void registerProcessorClass(Class aClass, String caption)
Marks the given interface a processor for selected items in the activity. All processors will be added to a menu item having the given caption.
protected Collection getProcessorItems(Class aClass)
Override this method to inform the superclass of the selected items. The processor menu item states will be updated based on the returned value.

Event Bus Support

Subscribe to system events, and automatically unsubscribe when the activity is finished.

todo: document

Alert Support

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