This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

This plugin adds RJSON language support to IntelliJ


  • [ ] Auto Complete
  • [X] Parser Errors
  • [ ] Intentions
  • [ ] Quick Fix
  • [X] Syntax Highlighting
  • [X] File Shadowing

File Shadowing

This feature will create an RJSON file for every JSON file, and vice-versa. Every time one is changed, the other will synchronize with it.

A perfect use case for this is when working with NPM. The NPM config file is a JSON file. Whenever you install, update, or remove a module, the JSON file will be updated, and in turn the RJSON file file will be updated. You can edit the RJSON file directly, while still allowing NPM to updated the original JSON file. Both files will stay synchronized to each other.

To use this feature, you must enable the RJSON facet on the modules that require it.

Facet Settings

  • Excluded file filters
  • Create on load
  • Sync on load
  • Sync Now

Syntax Highlighting

Comments, keyworks, names, values, strings, numbers and reserved characters are highlighted using your preference colors.

Export as JSON or RJSON

Any JSON or JSON file can be saved as the opposite type.