Grav Plugins

Plugins for the Grav platform.

Grav Core Service Manager

Adds a service manager to Grav.

Grav Admin Power Tools

Adds power-user features to the Grav Admin plugin.

Grav Editor Plugin

Create and edit your Grav Twig, CSS, Javascript, and PHP files right from your browser.

Grav Quick-Save Plugin

The Grav Quick-Save plugin allows you to quickly save your page content without requiring a refresh or resetting the editor's scroll position.

Grav Stackeditor Plugin

The Grav Stackeditor plugin offers an additional Markdown editor option inside the Grav Admin page editor.

Grav Admin Media Actions Plugin

A plugin that extends Grav with an API for adding actions to media items in the page media bin.

Grav Admin Media Move Plugin

Moves media from one page to another.

Admin Media Replace Plugin

Replaces media in your page's media bin.

Grav Bulk Edit Plugin

Use a grid to edit multiple pages on your Grav site. Add an Edit Page link to the bottom of your pages.

Grav History Plugin

Saves a history of all page modifications into an embedded Git repository. Provides pages and commands to view and process the historical data.

Grav TikiWiki Plugin

Use TikiWiki plugins, tables, and syntax in your Grav site.

Grav SoftSite Plugin

Tools for software-centric websites.

Grav DDD Plugin

A plugin for Document Driven Design (DDD).