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This sections describes on QuickChords Rhythm Notation.

In QuickChords, you define a rhythm using an alias, and then reference it inside your measures.

:r basic q q q q
:r upbeat eeee eeee

;C r-basic x4

;G r-upbeat x4

The rhythm definition starts with :r, followed by the alias, and finally the rhythm details.

The rhythm alias must consist only of letters, numbers, the underscore, and the dash.

A measure can use the rhythm by including the prefix r- followed by the alias.

Letters are used for notes and numbers for rests.

symbol value
w whole note
1 whole rest
h half note
2 half rest
q quarter note
4 quarter rest
e eighth note
8 eighth rest
s sixteenth note
6 sixteenth rest
t thirty-second note
3 thirty-second rest
. dotted (after note)
- tie

Use spaces to indicate beam groups.

ee ee ee ee (4 groups of 8th notes)
eeee eeee (2 groups of 8th notes)
todo: implement beam rendering

symbol value
! Accent the note that follows.
q q !q q (accent on beat three)
q. !e 4 4 (accent the 8th note before beat 3)

todo: implement accent rendering

Strumming notation appears before the duration symbol.

symbol info value
, (comma) strum down
' (apostrophe) strum up
:r simple ,q'q,q,q (down up down down)
:r upbeat ,e'e,e'e ,e'e,e'e

todo: implement specification

todo: implement specification

ee ee ee ee
ess ess sse q