Vaandroid Services

Services are bundles that provide required functionality to the runtime. Services are often required. Service configure systemwide settings specific to a host.

Vaandroid Login Manager

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  • Manages user and group authentication
  • Manages user and group authorization
  • Assigns groups to users
  • Sends emails for password changes and username requests

Scopes and Usernames

All users in the Vaandroid system have a scope and user...

Vaandroid Page Factory

Vaandroid Page Factory

  • Supplies the Vaandroid Runtime with page templates, including home, splash, login, glass, and loading indicator pages.
  • Creates intents for actions based on the user.

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Vaandroid Branding


Supplies the Vaandroid Runtime with business name, contact information, and logos.

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Field Description Progress Business Name The name of the business x URL The web address of the business o Phon...

Vaandroid Themes


Supplies the Vaandroid Runtime with CSS themes.

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Vaandroid Certificates

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Provides ssl certificates, parameters, and trust policies to the runtime.

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Returns the trusted certificates
Returns the trust policy
Returns domains that are always trusted
Returns loca...