This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.

The Visual File plugin for IntelliJ provides new and innovative ways to view the contents of source code.


The VisualFile Plugin for IntelliJ provides a unique way to view and navigate the contents of a file.

We believe that:

  • 80% of a source file does not need to be read in a linear fashion.
  • A source file has several dimensions.


We break up source into the following categories:

Type Description
Declare Classes, interfaces, properties
Connect Package and import statements
Task Task Comments
Regions Region Comments
Assign Assigments using the = operator
Invoke Calling methods, creating objects, and performing calculations, script blocks
Comment Comments sorted by bug, workaround, disabled code, and general
Loops Code that repeats or iterates
Bindings Code that connects fields to each other, user interface, or database
UI tenplates, styles
  • Each category may have sub-categories.
  • Items may appear in more than one category.


  • Real-time tree updates
  • Navigate to source code by clicking or pressing enter
  • Searchable tree
  • Tree changes automatically when file is selected
  • Custom language support


    Custom Languages

    Custom languages can be registered. Existing languages can be extended.

    Supported Languages

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • XML
  • HTML
roadmap: Implement PHP