This product is in beta state.
It is available to registered beta testers only.


A visual artist creates, exhibits, and sells works of art.

Places Features

Artist Features

Work Information

Each piece of art produced has many types of information linked.


The artist can indicate their presence at an exhibition or in the creation process.


The software can produce plaques that include a scan code that opens the artist’s dashboard.

Genres and Styles

Each piece can be tagged with fields used for filtering searches.

Sales and Auctions

Each work can be marked as not for sale, for sale, or sold. Works for sale can be configured as one or more of fixed price, auction or best offer

Sales Methods

An artist can enable one or more sales methods.

Fixed Price

A set price is assigned to the work.

Best Offer

Buyers can offer an arbitrary amount for the work. This amount offered can be less than the fixed price if one is set. The artist can accept or reject the offer.

Best offers allow a seller to consider a buyer's reputation, location before commiting to the sale.


The seller configures a work with Accept Best Offers. This results in a Best Offer section listed on the work's Detail Page.

A buyer submits a best offer amount.

The seller receives an email with details of the offer.

The seller responds by accepting, declining, or countering.

The countering process proceeds until the offer is accepted/declined by the peer, cancelled by the offer initiator, or expired due to no response.

Best offers are automatically terminated if the item is sold at a fixed price, auction, or a best offer from another buyer is accepted.


A work can be auctioned, with options to configure start date, end date, and reserve prices.


Several payment methods are supported.

Online Payments

Third Party Payments

Local Payments

The buyer can pay the venue or artist directly.