Filter is a module that allows contacts to be filtered for reports and notifications.

Key Features

Criteria for filtering contacts can be included or excluded to create truly customizable, purpose-oriented reporting.

The filter has a built in review screen that allows the user to confirm the contacts to be selected before sending correspondence or running a report of contacts.

Multiple contacts can be selected at a time when using the filter.

The filtered report can be sorted by name, tags. etc. based on the needs or preference of the user.

General Description

Filter and sort contacts with custom filtering.

  • Generate lists of contacts to fit your needs, such as:
    • Ability to integrate with POS and track accounts receivables.
    • Ability to integrate with E-Mail to send communication to contacts based on selected criteria.
    • Ability to sort and display contacts with interests in specific events, classes, etc.

How To Use the Filter Module

  1. Click on the filter icon.
  2. Choose the criteria by which you wish to filter (for example, tags, categories, groups, etc.). There are check boxes you can select and unselect.
  3. Fine tune your criteria by selecting what to include or exclude in your filter. For example, if you chose categories you may have created custom categories for your contacts such as mailing list, classes, adults, etc. This second list allows you to include or exclude contacts within these categories by selecting or unselecting the boxes.
  4. Review contacts. The list of contacts you have filtered will appear in a review window where you can now remove specific contacts before generating a final report. Remove contacts by unselecting them.
  5. Finish. The fully custom filtered report will now appear in a list.
  6. The filtered report can be sorted by columns, such as names or other criteria that the user has specified. Simply click on the column you want to sort by.
  7. If you are integrating the filter and contacts with an HTML editor or email module you can send emails to the filtered contacts. You can also produce reports and perform many other useful tasks.