Gradle Navigation Plugin For IntelliJ

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Open our customized popup dialog and choose from a variety of context-sensitive destinations, including tree nodes,
goals, and tasks.
For each destination choose from context-sensitive actions such as go, open, run, and debug.

Say goodbye to bland popup menus and fatigue invoking nested trees. You can configure options under Settings/Appearance/Gradle
. Make sure to assign to the popup command to a convenient, unused function key!


Destination Popup A popup window is also provided with buttons to either go to tasks or
groups in the Gradle tree, or run tasks directly. You can easily customize the content and order of items in the
The navigation popup now includes links to various project and module settings,
along with Android resource directories, the Maven project tree, and Maven POM files (if they exist in
conventional locations)

Menu Items – The Gradle/Maven Navigation Plugin for IntelliJ adds additional features to the
standard Gradle and Maven plugin.
You can now swivel between the source editor, the project view, and the Gradle view. A custom popup
displays common destinations and user configured tasks and groups. Commands are added to various context menus in
the Project Tree, Gradle Tree, and Editor Window.

Goto Gradle/Maven – project, task, or group

Goto Project – gradle settings or build, source root, or resource root

Gradle Users: This plugin works for both single-project and multi-project Gradle builds.


Pending Changes

Latest Changes

  • NPE Check
  • Update description
  • feature: Do not show resource root if there are none registered
  • feature: Do not show source root if there are none registered
  • feature: Use pointer cursor when mouseover link buttons
  • feature: Use active background with theme consideration for actions
  • feature: Respect expand node setting when navigating to project, source, or resource root
  • bugfix: Open Android manifest after navigation
  • task: Update description
  • task: Update description
  • task: Rename ‘if node’ to ‘if branch’
  • bugfix: Calling static Kotlin from Groovy must use ‘@’ prefix
  • task: Update description
  • bugfix: NPE checks
  • feature: Add open popup command to navigation menu
  • task: Rename Gradle Window to Navigation Destinations
  • feature: Make popup grid 4 columns
  • task: Rename ‘Project Tree’ to ‘In Project Tree’
  • bugfix: Do not show Android resource destinations if they do not exist
  • feature: Add ‘Project Tree’ popup destination
  • feature: Add option to open file after navigation
  • feature: Add ‘Vaandroid’ destination.
  • feature: Add ‘FileSystem’ destination.
  • feature: Show task popup even when project is not maven or gradle.
  • feature: Add Android manifest destination.
  • task: Update popup title for Maven.
  • task: Update settings instructions.
  • feature: Show Maven coordinates on 3 lines
  • workaround: Maven will not load tree if it is activated programmatically on startup
  • bugfix: Check for NULL module before Android and Maven search
  • bugfix: Force activate/init gradle and maven tool windows on startup
  • bugfix: Catch exceptions if Maven project tree is not initialized
  • feature: Show Maven project name in popup
  • feature: Allow running custom Maven goals from popup
  • task: Remove redundant text in popup
  • Add icons to user defined popup tasks
  • Add icon to menu items
  • Add support for Maven goals
  • task: Rename ‘Gradle Module’ to ‘Gradle Project’
  • bugfix: Prevent popup from switching by default to Gradle Projects
  • feature: Add popup destination Maven Project
  • feature: Add popup destination Maven POM
  • feature: Add popup destination for JPA (persistence.xml)
  • bugfix: Fix Groovy class cast regression
  • feature: Add goto Maven POM action to menu
  • feature: Add goto Maven POM action to popup
  • feature: Filter irrelevant actions in popup
  • feature: Show balloon if popup invoked and project is not Maven or Gradle project
  • bugfix: Cannot share data context between Swing events
  • feature: Add Android resource destinations to popup (drawable, menu, layout)
  • feature: Remove png background
  • feature: Add ‘Preferences’ action to popup
  • feature: Use context related icons
  • feature: Update font size
  • feature: Update action spacing
  • feature: Show a balloon message if destination is not relevant
  • feature: Use icons for goto actions in popup
  • feature: Rearrange actions in popup
  • feature: Assign a default keyboard shortcut to popup
  • feature: Add ‘Goto Source Root’ in popup
  • feature: Add ‘Goto Resource Root’ in popup
  • bugfix: Initial support for Kotlin (build.gradle.kts files)
  • feature: Add ‘Goto Module Settings’ in popup
  • feature: Move most used menu item to top of context menu
  • bugfix: Respect ‘Keep Open’ setting in popup
  • task: Reword ‘Keep Open’ setting in popup
  • bugfix: Fix ‘datacontext between swing events’ exception
  • task: Update documentation
  • feature: Add debug column to task popup
  • bugfix: Add NPE checks
  • bugfix: Update node lookup logic
  • feature: Change order of buttons in navigation popup
  • feature: Add ‘run or goto run-configuration’ to navigation popup
  • feature: Add ‘goto module settings’ navigation item
  • feature: Add option to keep popup open. Close by default
  • task: Update description
  • feature: Allow spaces in task and group names
  • feature: Added ‘Goto Resource Root’
  • bugfix: Request focus when going to source or resource root
  • Refresh popup after config instead of closing
  • Navigate to plugin configuration from the popup window
  • Add a run/goto task floating window
  • Navigate to module configuration
  • Added ‘Goto Task or Group’ action with popup
  • Added settings for user provided task and group destinations
  • Added a settings page
  • Expand after navigate
  • Open after navigate
  • Custom task and group destinations
  • Moved items to top of lists
  • Added syntax to specify custom navigation items as task or group
  • Do not show tasks or groups that are not in the target gradle project
  • Changed order of items

Coming Soon

  • Nothing Special


Discovered Android paths are hardcord to /module_root/res and /module_root/src/main/res

We use reflection to access Gradle in places where the Gradle plugin does not expose the functionality we need.