About Us


  • We have been writing software for over 40 years.
  • Built from scratch various communication stacks including  TCP/IP, OBEX, and IrDA.
  • C and C++ compiler design
  • XML parsers
  • Circuit board layout, design, and manufacturing
  • Embedded GUI
  • Microprocessor and CPU design
  • Large scale software design
  • Open source specialist
  • Complex multi-threaded system debugging
  • Experts in Assembly, C, C++,  Java, Javascript, Groovy, CSS, Pascal, Fortran, Perl, PHP, HTML, Eclipse RPC, Eclipse e4, SQL, Linux, XMLRPC, REST, XML, XML Schemas, JSON, JPA, Zimbra, GWT, Jersey, Hudson, Tycho, OSGi, Karaf, Node
  • Experts in Maven, Gradle, and Ant
  • Experts in Apache, Tomcat, Asterisk
  • Experts in SASS, Stylus, Less, Babel, NPM
  • Experts in C#, Visual Basic, and Microsoft Server, but currently preferring other solutions to these technologies.
  • Experts in credit card gateway protocols and Intuit interfacing (Quickbooks, Quickbooks Point of Sale SDK)


  • To facilitate communication between management, associates and customers
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Minimize time spent on boilerplate tasks
  • Streamline operations.


Product Information Questions:  info@twelvetone.tv
Product Support Questions:  support@twelvetone.tv
Sales Questions: sales@twelvetone.tv
Order Questions: orders@twelvetone.tv