Integration Of Code Review and Bug Tracking


This document will combine suggestions from blog posts, with the goal of outlining a new product with purpose of creating a new web application that integrates various online software development tools.  Integration will combine information from various sources, while adding new features not available on those sources, and providing a consolidated method for adding, updating, and replying to comments.


Sources -> The various applications that are integrated into the application

Solution -> The new product that integrates sources and adds new functionality

Plugins vs New Application

Uses Of Whiteboard

UI Considerations

  • Enter all bug ids and gerrit links to wrap
  • Compose response on solution, and it is posted on source

Ideas and Issues

  • Create Interface For Code Review (instead of hard-coding against Gerrit)
  • Create Interface For Bug Tracking (instead of hard-coding against Bugzilla)
  • Entered comments and responses filed on solution will be dispatched to correct product
  • Whiteboards for group editing of common information
  • Combine multiple bugs and code reviews
  • Filter entries
  • Show entries in tree
  • Single submission to create patch, and link to existing bug or create
  • Parse GIT commit notes for link information
  • hints in bugs and review comments
  • Make this a WordPress Plugin?
  • Publish plain text version, with link to formatted text version.
  • Avoid duplicate information on source.
  • Subtopic chat room
  • Create a Bug at the same time I push code for review, reference the BugId in the commit message, and put a link to the patch in Bugzilla.
  • Summary reports for comments
  • Filter out Hudson comments
  • Mixed documentation in Gerrit and in Bugzilla (wim)
  • The number of emails Gerrit sends drives me crazy (wim)
  • No reference to the commit can be found in Gerrit after publishing (wim)
  • A merge in Gerrit should update the related Bug report with the commit (lars)

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