Contact is a contact manager that integrates information from multiple address book sources.

Key Features

Integrates information from multiple address book sources (such as gmail) so that the user does not have to input existing contacts.

Contacts are updated instantaneously between the address book and the contacts module.

Business-specific information that may not be part of the inputted address book can be kept and tracked, such as categories, tags, birthdays, etc.

Contacts are easily searchable and with added optional plug-ins can be even more customizable to include linked contacts, contact preferences, contact scheduling constraints, etc.

General Description

The Contacts module is a user-friendly way to track all of your contacts while integrating with your preferred or existing address book.

How to Enter/Edit Contacts

From the right corner drop-down menu the user starts a new entry. This opens up a blank form with typical fields: Name, email, phone numbers, etc. Users can also add custom tags to contacts as a means of identification. Once all information is entered, the user selects save to save the contact.

If a contact already exists and the user would like to add another contact with shared information. The user can select the option start new entry (clone current contact). This copies over all information with the exception of the name and category fields. Once all information is entered, the user selects save to save the contact.

How to Find Existing Contacts

Once the user has a data base of contacts to choose from there are a few ways to search for and/or filter contacts.

The simplest way to search for and select a contact is to use the picker. The picker has an auto-complete feature that allows the user to type the first few letters of the first or last name or of both first and last name. Names that match the provided letters will appear in a list to choose from. Once selected, changes can be made to the contact information that appears in the contact info view.

Only one contact can be selected at a time from the picker.

  • Contact Picker
  • Contact Details
  • Contact List