Schedule (Manual)

Returning Lessons

  1. Select the lessons in a view (e.g. Lesson List, Day View, or Teacher View)
  2. Choose Return Lessons in the Lesson Actions Menu.
  3. For each student, you will be prompted to return the lessons.
  4. If a sales order is found, it will be adjusted.  If the order becomes empty, you will be prompted to delete it.
  5. If a sales receipt is found, a return receipt will be generated.
  6. The lessons will be set free.
  7. An email will be sent to the administrator if there was an error or additional actions need to be taken.

Rules For Returning Lessons

  1. Selected lessons must be from the same session.
  2. There must be one, and only one sales receipt or sales order.
  3. The sales item must contain at least the number of selected lessons.
  4. The system will display a warning if the rules are broken…


  1. Follow instructions for Returning Lessons.
  2. Along with the lessons being set free,  a comment will be set on the free item with the students name.

Schedule View Toolbar

Condense Times (on/off)

The default schedule view will display multiple schedules schedules with identical times for each assignee (Each time will line up horizontally with each assignee).  This option will show only time slots that have an entry (free, busy, etc).  Horizontal entries might not be at the same time with this setting.

Show Images (on/off)

Displays an image of each assignee in the schedule header.