X32 Notify (Logs, Alerts and Adjustments)


This application will monitor your X32 for clipped levels.  It will also adjust the input gain for channels 1-32 every time a clip happens.  Clips and gain adjustments can be logged, output to the console, and/or emailed to the engineer.

Benefits Include:

  • Helps alert the engineer of a problem
  • Provide a report of all clipped levels for an entire show
  • Reduces the gain without user interaction


  • Output, log, and/or email clipped levels and gain adjustments
  • Unlimited email recipients;  Use any SMTP server to send messages
  • Control frequency of logs, alerts, and gain adjustments
  • Control percentage for gain adjustments

Screen Shots

X32 Notify Log

X32 Notify Log

X32 Clip Email

X32 Clip Email

X32 Gain Email

X32 Gain Email


  • Modify the configuration file (x32-notify.xml) and replace all values that start with YOUR_.
  • Open a terminal or create a shell script.
  • java -jar x32-notify.jar <path-to-config-if-not-default-xml-file>


  • Java 7


  • The following levels are monitored: Analog In/Out, Digital Out, Monitor Out, Aux Send/Return, P16 Out

Release Notes


  • Added config file
  • Added gain adjustments
  • Added email function


  • Initial Release
Release date:September 22, 2013
Last updated:September 22, 2013
Current version:0.0.2
Price:$0.00 USD